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This artwork was inspired by, and created during, my time live painting in the farm @nebullam. Their healthy and fresh food grown in the farm around me led me to think about how healthy foods can be healing to our bodies & how their food making this positive impact in so many people's lives across the topographical landscapes throughout the midwest! The greens in the artwork are representational of this. The packaging material is from Z.W. Mercantile, a zero waste store in downtown Ames. So much function and beauty can come from things that may not appear to hold beauty or have functions outside of what they were made for. Creativity like this is what makes so many things throughout the Midwest Landscapes fluorish.

This piece is currently on exhibit. It is still available for purchase, but there will be a period of time before it can be taken possession of. The price does not currently reflect shipping costs; however, those would be additional. Please message us for more information.

Healing Topographies Series: Midwest Landscapes

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